We offer training on a wide variety of subjects. Training is for professionals working with vulnerable children, adults and their families. We have courses ready to be delivered, and we can create bespoke training to meet the needs of your service on request.

Here are some examples of our training.

Programme Length
The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI-DMM) 18 days
The CARE-Index Method of Assessing Parent Infant Interaction 9 days
Supervision Skills for Supervisors 2, 3, or 4 days
Supervision for Supervisees 1 or 2 days
Understanding Attachment Theory 1 or 2 days
Risk and Parenting Assessment 5 half-days
Working with Neglect 2 day
Emotional Abuse and Neglect 2 or 3 days
The Role of Emotional Resilience in Working with Vulnerable Children, Adults and their Families 1 day
Communicating with Children
Court Skills for Social Workers

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