Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP)

What is VERP?

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) uses video to help people understand and improve their communication with others. It is mainly used to help clients bring about positive change in their important relationships. Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) is an application of VIG for professional development. It uses the VIG approach specifically to increase effectiveness in inter-professional and professional-client communication and can be an effective way to grow communication skills in an organisation. 

How will VERP help? 

VERP is a strength-based approach, where video of normal daily professional activity is micro-analysed into clips demonstrating the principles of attuned interaction. The focus is on what the professional is doing well, even if this is momentary or an exception to their usual pattern. This helps them to recognise their emergent strengths and build on them, and to understand the impact on the other person when they are communicating effectively. The approach works through goal-oriented, learner-led target setting and review.  

How is VERP delivered?

An initial training session is delivered by an accredited VIG guider, where participants are introduced to the basic principles of VIG and VERP and given hands-on practice.

3 monthly supervision sessions follow, where small groups meet with the supervisor for 2-3 hours to reflect together on video clips taken from their daily professional practice. 

A final accreditation session gives participants the opportunity to share their professional progress and to reflect on what they have learnt from the course. 


With roots in intersubjectivity, social constructivism and pedagogy theories, VERP works in a respectful and collaborative way. It empowers through using edited video clips of “better than usual” communication as the basis for a reflective dialogue about how to improve the interaction. It is a relationship-based intervention which helps professionals become more sensitive and attuned.  

Our special interest

We are interested in helping supervisors develop their practice and ability to help their supervisees more meaningfully reflect on their practice.

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