What We Do

We do training, assessments of parenting capacity and risk, assessments of attachment, supervision and consultancy and video enhanced reflective practice (VERP).

We are based in Brighton, UK. We are able to offer our full range of services both nationally and internationally.

Our team are highly respected experts in the child care field with a reputation for being innovative and creative in their work. We produce high quality reports for the Family Court and develop  vibrant, interesting and informative training programmes. All the team have trained extensively in the field of child and adult attachment and are reliable coders across the range of developmentally sequenced assessment of attachment tied to the Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) of Attachment and Adaptation. 

We offer training in a number of the developmental sequenced assessments of attachment tied to the Dynamic Maturational Model DMM of Attachment and Adaptation. 

We think everybody in society should be able to access help to improve their relationships if they need it. Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a therapeutic approach that uses effective, modern and strength based techniques online or face to face. We recommend  vigFutures and babies1st who offer affordable and accessible VIG to families (VIGFutures) and parents and babies (babies1st). 

Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) is an application of VIG for professional development. It increases effectiveness in professionals’ communication with each other and the families they work with. 

Our training courses are for social workers, their managers and multi-agency partners across the health and social care sector. We provide learning environments that help participants consider how they can use their learning to change their practice. We recommend running a VERP course alongside supervisor training to maximise impact and increase reflective capacity in the workforce.

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