Assessment of Attachment

Attachment has long been considered relevant to family court proceedings but its usefulness has been limited by the diverse ways in which it is assessed. We offer the full range of developmentally sequenced assessments of attachment tied to the The Dynamic Maturational Model (DMM) of Attachment and Adaption. As a strengths-based developmental model of attachment, the DMM offers an age-related array of self-protective strategies. It emphasises the functional nature of behaviour and respects the need for survival strategies.

DMM assessments can be used as standalone assessments, to inform assessments of parenting capacity and risk, or aid treatment planning. All the methods are well tested with a robust evidence base.

With other information, DMM assessments of attachment can be used to:

  • Provide understanding of problematic behaviour in children and adults;
  • Develop functional formulations of family problems;
  • Guide decision-making;
  • Evaluate children and adults before offering psychological services.

Any reports provided comply with the recommendations outlined in the court protocol developed by The International Association for the Study of Attachment (IASA).

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