Working with Domestic Abuse

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Involving perpetrators of domestic abuse in assessment and interventions is an essential component of good practice within frontline services. Nonetheless it is often an area that is neglected and can represent a challenging emotional experience for practitioners. This course aims to develop confidence and promote effective and safe ways of working.

Course description

This introductory and experiential course is for frontline practitioners who wish to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills in engaging and working with perpetrators of domestic abuse. Participants are expected to have a sound knowledge of the dynamics of domestic abuse and will be expected to engage in the training activities.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have been given the opportunity to:

  1. Use tools to assess the risk posed by the perpetrator of domestic abuse
  2. Use tools and develop understanding of how to engage and motivate perpetrators.
  3. Understand why perpetrators use violence and abuse.
  4. Develop empathy for working with perpetrators of abuse.