Advanced Training in the Adult Attachment Interview – Week 4

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This is the 4th week of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) course; it addresses serious clinical cases: personality dis-orders, psychoses, family forensic cases, violent criminality, psychopathy, sexual disorders, addictions, etc. In terms of discourse, various forms of lack of resolution of psychological trauma and loss, intrusions of forbidden negative affect, disorientation, and complex A/Cs will be covered.

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This course teaches advanced discourse analysis for the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), for very troubled individuals (in-patient, psychoses, personality disorders, criminality). It builds on the DMM methods taught in the 18-day course.

There is a requirement to submit 1 clinical AAI (not submitted to the 18-day course) and coding practice following the course. There is a reliability test following the course. This work must be completed to receive certificates for administering and coding AAIs. For more information, see


Course participants must have taken the 18-day Adult Attachment Interview course.