Reflective Supervision: a course for social workers and managers

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Course Aim:

To develop knowledge and skills in reflective supervision.

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the programme participants will have been given the opportunity to:

  1. Consider what constitutes effective supervision, the various definitions and its functions 
  2. Understand how their previous experience of being supervised can impact upon their current supervisory relationship
  3. Understand the importance of effective agreements within supervision
  4. Understand the relationship between supervision and outcomes for service users
  5. Understand the supervision cycle and how this can help in reflecting, analysing and action planning within supervision
  6. Consider how supervisees can work with their supervisors to develop positive supervision practice

Core aspects of this model of supervision are:

  • Recognition that supervision makes a difference to outcomes
  • The importance of the supervisory relationship
  • The role of the supervision agreement as a foundation for the relationship
  • The interrelationship between feelings thoughts and action
  • The role of the supervision cycle in promoting reflective practice, critical thinking and defensible (recorded) decision making.