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Welcome to the Infant CARE-Index (ICI) training course.

The ICI is the simplest and most versatile of the DMM measures and is a qualitative assessment of risk in relationships.

It assesses patterns of interaction of infants and their carers from birth to about fifteen months of age based on a short, videoed play interaction of 3 minutes.

The scales:

1. Are highly correlated with the Infant Strange Situation assessment patterns of attachment
2. Differentiate abusing from neglecting, abusing-and-neglecting, marginally maltreating, and adequate dyads
3. Can be used during intervention, and
4. Can be used to assess the effectiveness of intervention.

Your 9-day course will be taught from video in 3 day blocks. Non-verbal behaviour, interpersonal strategies, and developmental processes are emphasised.

Competency to code is assessed by a reliability test after the training. It is much more likely that you will achieve reliability if you undertake the set practice during and after the 9 day training. All of the practice videos can be accessed here.

You will find the course manual and handout pack on the Materials tab above.

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Handout Pack here