Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) is a highly successful brief intervention. The aim is to enhance communication within relationships (most usually but not exclusively between parents and their children). It gives individuals a chance to reflect, draws attention to elements that are successful and supports clients to make changes where desired.

The VIG approach takes the view that change can be achieved more effectively in the context of a coaching relationship rather than a teaching relationship. It is collaborative, rather than prescriptive, and empowers rather than de-skills. It conveys respect for strengths and potential, rather than drawing attention to problems or weaknesses.

Throughout filming and feedback sessions, clients are supported in becoming more sensitive to children’s attempts to communicate. They are encouraged to develop greater awareness around how they can respond in an attuned way.  In the process of standing back and looking at themselves on screen, parents are able to analyse what they were doing when things were going ’better than usual’. In this way they are empowered to make an informed decision about how they would like to improve situations that are more problematic.

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