Working with Risk with Adolescents

A 1 day course for front line practitioners working with adolescents aimed at developing skills, knowledge and confidence in child sexual and substance selling exploitation.

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Front line practice with adolescents has received renewed focus in recent years following a number of high profile cases highlighting issues associated with gang culture and child sexual exploitation. This course aims to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge to assess risk and work with adolescents.

Course description

This one day training course aims to equip front line practitioners with the skills and knowledge to undertake assessments of risk and care planning in respect of adolescents.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course participants will have been given the opportunity to:

  1. Re-cap appropriate developmental theory for adolescents.
  2. Develop understanding of relevant knowledge, research, law and guidance relating risk, protection, and safeguarding adolescents.
  3. Application of knowledge, research, law and guidance in assessment and decision making by practitioners.
  4. Consider the practice dilemmas associated with working with adolescents.