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Rebecca Carr-Hopkins


Rebecca Carr-Hopkins


27 Mar 2023 - 16 Sep 2023


UK time
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm



The Adult Attachment Interview – online training – March 2023-September 2023


The Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) is a procedure for assessing adults’ strategies for identifying, preventing and protecting the self from perceived dangers, particularly dangers tied to intimate relationships.

The DMM-AAI course is based on an expansion of the Main and Goldwyn procedure and is both a useful research tool and a potential guide for a wide range of professionals. Therapists, in particular, learn not only new ways to conceptualise troubled development, but also ways to identify, in adults, distortions of the mental processing of information, particularly information relevant to disorders of feelings, thought, and behaviour.

The techniques for interpreting speech can be useful even if the professional does not formally use the interview itself in practice.

The basic training addresses the patterns found in normative and out-patient treatment populations. It involves 18 days of full-time effort coding transcripts.

Following the basic course students may take a fourth 8-day unit that covers very complex patterning.


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Hourly Schedule

Week 1: March 27- April 1

1pm - 6pm

Week 2: June 12-17

1pm - 6pm

Week 3: September 11-16

1pm - 6pm

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